USPV merges with SRECTrade!

Dear Valued USPV Client

I’m proud and pleased to share with you that as of June 6th, 2018, USPV will be merging our SREC aggregation and trading services with SRECTrade.

When we started U.S. Photovoltaics 10 years ago, there were only a handful of solar systems in the Mid-Atlantic. Today, nearly 6 gigawatts of solar has been built, creating billions of dollars in market activity and billions of kilowatt-hours of pollution-free electricity. As a solar owner, you can be proud of the role you’ve played in this energy revolution. For our part, we’re proud and honored to have helped you make the most of the available incentives.

As we contemplate the next 10 years of our business, it’s clear to us that in order to create new value via our SREC aggregation and trading services, it will require scaling and investing in our systems and software.

We considered the best way to accomplish these goals and concluded that integrating our operations with SRECTrade was the best choice. We’ve known the leadership team at SRECTrade for many years. We share similar values and a passion for serving our clients.

So what does this mean for you? SRECTrade offers a sophisticated online platform with more expanded options and control, where you can manage your SRECs. More details can be found here.

To get started, please sign into your account here using your existing USPV credentials.

Although USPV will no longer be in the SREC trading and aggregation business, we’re here to answer questions and assist during this transition period. Please feel free to reach out to me at 240-439-4597 or

I hope that like me, you look forward to the next phase of the journey.

Fred Ugast

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